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The Famous Ranch House Pate’ with Cognac

A Ranch House original recipe served with Cornichons,
caper berries, shaved red onion, HouseMade mustard
{GF} option with cucumber available

Coppa Allegra   {V VEG GF}

Red butter leaf lettuce, filet mignon or Tofu, sautéed in sweet orange sesame sauce

Garden Tomato Crostini    {V VEG GF}

With spinach Couscous on Endive Spears

Braised Pork Belly    {GF}

With sweet pineapple poppy sauce on a bed of blood orange and fennel slaw

Crab Cakes a` la Alan

Lump crab, red bell peppers, herbs topped with lemon aioli and served with a corn salsa

The Ranch House Scallop    {GF}

An original Ranch House recipe, grilled diver scallop served on a slightly curried corn sauce with dry Vermouth and lemon-ginger salt


Organic Cucumber Avocado and Mint  (Cold)    {V VEG GF}

Vegan Tortilla Soup  (Warm)    {V VEG GF}


Watercress Salad with Ojai Pixie Dressing   {V VEG GF}

Radicchio, shaved red onions

Watermelon Salad Medley   {VEG GF}

Red and Yellow watermelon with Jicama, goat cheese and Merlot salt
{V} option without cheese available



Choice of


Myer Lemon Chicken   {GF}

 Baked organic chicken with garlic white wine and caper berry

Cherry Duck   {GF}

Herbed crusted duck with tart cherry thyme reduction, served with Madagascar pink rice

Roasted Pork Loin   {GF}

With a Vermouth blue cheese cream sauce and a bit of pink peppercorns

Lamb de Menthe   {GF}

New Zealand rack of lamb honey mustard glazed served with natural HouseMade mint jelly

Coffee Chipotle Braised Short Ribs   {GF}

Four hour braised short ribs

Filet Mignon    {GF}

With creamy herbed horseradish sauce

Eggplant Amelia   {V VEG GF}

  Vegetable stuffed grilled eggplant served with organic bamboo rice
and roasted bell pepper sauce, topped with pistachio

Cedar Plank Salmon   {GF}

  Served with summer salsa, Madagascar pink rice, topped with roasted pine nuts

~ All the entrees are served with seasonal locally sourced and organic farm vegetables ~


Ranch House Dessert Trio

Mixed array of a fruit, chocolate and cream based deliciousness


Three Courses $45 | Five Courses $55
Kids Half-Price